Common Ground Summer School 2022, Manifesta biennial 14

What are the spatial qualities of the Brick Factory ?

How can we heal spaces of brick factory? How can we imagine its future? How can the space be inclusive and open for new experimentations? What is the role of material and immaterial in and around the site?

In circles of lifes we will listen to, write and draw upon overlapping histories that unfolded in the Brickfactory. Despite oppressive and segregation periods, the lives of people in Prishtina persisted over decades. The starting point for the workshop was our two-year long research-by-design project, tracing the meaning of city buildings, looking into the wounds and traumas they still carry with them, and searching ways for healing those spaces in the future.

There is so much inspiration and imagination to be found in the courage and ingenuity of people of Prishtina. What can we learn from these fluid ways of using the city’s vacancies to imagine new ways of reusing them today?By drawing, enacting architectural narratives, and real physical intervention, we will imagine radically speculative pasts and contingent futures for the Brickfactory.