Location: Prishtina, Kosovo

Author: ECOCIETY studies

Year: 2016


A publication about a Sustainable Architecture Festival called ECOWEEK PRISHTINA` organized by ECOCIETY studies,  showing a three year work of built on workshops  designed by us  in collaboration with an extensive number of professionals around the world.

With the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote the principles of sustainability through education, cooperation and sustainable design, ECOCIETYstudies became part of the international organization umbrella called ECOWEEK, organized a two weeks longs festival for three years, 2014, 2015, 2016 in Prishtina, Kosovo.
The event engaged an ample of experts as well as the rest of participants, locals and international students of architecture, architects, landscape architects, designers etc.
The ECOWEEK Conference, included lectures and round-table discussions with international and local specialists in sustainable design. During ECOWEEK workshops  we made interventions in several public spaces in Prishtina, addressing some of the challenges facing the city,  in architecture, urbanism, industrial and social design, housing and public space.

The publication shows first two years of our work during ECOWEEK PRISHTINA.