Location: Trans Nzoia, Kenya

Designed by: ECOCIETY studies

Year: 2017

Photographs: ECOCIETY studies


Designing and building houses for unprivileged rural families in developing countries, specifically in Mount Elgon, Kenya.

A circular construction, which maximizes the use of natural energy and local materials, leading to self-reliant and resilient communities, which do not depend on development aid programs anymore.   All used materials after their lived life, can break down causing no damage to the environment. Adobe bricks, made by us together with around 30 local community members, are positioned in a specific unique pattern which not only affect the aesthetic manner but has a very significant role of protecting each other from extreme climate, direct sun and rain. During the whole designing and building process, trainings were offered in construction, drawings and calculations to all participants.

The research project was lead by arch. Michiel Smit, TU Delft University and Avans University Netherlands and ECOCIETYstudies together with Pelle Rademakers designed, built and trained people to build with earth materials.