Location: Prishtina

Exhibition: `Ruin-carnating Janjeva`at Manifesta Biennial 14

Year: 2022

Photos: Majlinda Hoxha, Argjirë Krasniqi


Theme: Where stories cut across the land! On transition

There is a multicultural town in Kosovo which bears the scars of armed conflict and economic crises like no other: Janjeva. The question of how to breathe new life into the town’s “warchitectures” is at the centre of this in-depth research by design project we worked on. We worked closely with adults and children living in Janjeva to make their memories, desires and imaginaries the basis of her recuperation strategy. A photographic atlas of vacancies documents the hundreds of abandoned buildings in the town, while hand-drawn sketches visualise various minimal interventions conceived to heal and recover the many empty schools, homes, cinemas and other work and gathering spaces.