Location: Prishtina

Designed by: ECOCIETYstudies in collaboration with Lutolli Architects + Partners

Year: 2018

Photos: Blerim Lutolli, Usaid Kosovo


This polyfunctional structure, made of wood and textile, is intended to be a synonym of a residential building, but adapted to such functions to answer the ´trusted strangers´ needs. At first glance it is simple, sublime, but entering inside the structure simplicity is embodied with green and light, 2 essential substances of living. The structure is presented as a biological organism in this built environment, creating an interaction of nature with a human.

Hence, earth, this oldest and most elementary mean, found everywhere around us, is set apart from nature, and by refining its conception is turned into a rammed earth seat, triggering one´s mind for the range of possibilities this material can offer.  These are the first temporary rammed earth samples ever made in Kosovo, were part of Sustainable Architecture Festival organized by USAID Kosovo.